Golf Driver Reviews - Tips andreviews on how to improve your distance from the tee and to be more accurate with the perfect Golf Driver

TheGolf Driver is one of the most efficient weapons of your Equipment used for Golf. Golf Driver Reviews will help you to choose the right Golf Driver Head and the optimalGolf Shaft. As a result you should be capable to add 10-20 yards of distance toyour drives and lower you score.

Golf Equipment Reviews from Golf Equipment Advisor provide you with tips,recommendations and advise around Golf Drivers. Discover thefree tips and reviews, which help you to improve your drives easily and quickly. Thefollowing areas are covered

  • Reviews and tips on how choosing the perfect Golf Driver foryou

  • Golf Driver Reviews of the latest Golf Drivers from Callaway, TaylorMade, Titleist, Ping, Mizuno, Pinemeadow Golf

  • Tips on where on the Web to buy Golf Drivers with a massive discount of up to 80%

  • Bargain tips: where to get high quality Custom Discount Golf Driver Clones and Copies

Recommended Golf Drivers

The following table provides you an overviewof the top name brand Drivers and their equivalent Clone Drivers from GigaGolf.You can save up to 80% with the right choice. There is actually no risk to giveClones a try. The most popular manufacturer PinemeadowGolf and GigaGolf providea 30 day 100% Money Back Guarantee if you're not satisfied.

Allyou need to know about Golf Drivers

When to use a Driver

Whoshould play with a Golf Driver? When I started some years ago Drivers were onlyrecommended to Golf Player with a handicap below 20. So a lot of highhandicappers used a 3 or 5 wood from the tee.

Thisis not true anymore! With the amazing new technology developments mainly in thematerial area (Titanium, Tungsten, Carbon) Golf Drivers can be played by alltype of Golfers. With the ultra big Club Heads and ultra light Shafts mostof the Golfers can benefit from longer tee shots and more forgiveness. Of courseyou need a solid Golf swing, but even with a low swing speed you can easily hitthe ball and gain distance.
But the most important aspect: There are so many Golf Drivers in a wide varietyout there that you can easily loose the overview. The result: Choosing the wrongDrivers results in bad shots and frustration.

Don’tworry we will walk you through the important aspects of Golf Drivers just in amoment.

Doyou already know all important aspects of Golf Drivers? No problem, just movedown to latest Golf Driver Reviews.

Importantconcepts of Drivers

Whenconsidering buying a Golf Driver the following aspects have to be understood:

  • Material, Size and Loft of the Golf Driver Head

  • Shaft flex, length and material (the latest technologies are great andunderestimated by most amateurs)

The Golf Driver Reviews page will walk you through all the important aspects in thefollowing sections. Sit back, relax and read through the next paragraphs

GolfDriver Club Head Types

DriverHead Material

Titanium and Steel are the dominating materials for today's leading Driver heads. The latest innovation is the combination of Titanium with Carbon. The fusion of these two materials results in very light head with great forgiveness due to a bigger sweet spot and a maximum power for sensational distance.

The Golf Driver Review team recommends to chose only Titanium Heads for all type of Golf players. Very big heads can be manufactured due to to the light weight of Titanium. A big head means a larger sweet spot and improved error tolerance for off-centre hits. The prices are coming down, so we see little evidence buying Steel Drivers until you are a really good Player who wants to have a very close contact to the ball. Here are our top rated value picks:

Driver Head Size

Themarket focuses more and more on midsize and largely on oversized Club Heads. Itis not uncommon to produce Titanium Club heads which are sized at 400 cubiccentimeters or even larger. Taylor Made just launched a new series with 460ccmheads.

ReviewGolf Drivers recommendations:

  • Normal players and high handicappers (Handicaps 18-36) will do very well withoversized Driver Golf Club heads (350-450 ccm). A big sweet spot results in moreaccurate shots and better distance.

  • Very good players who are capable to work with the Club and who are able toshape the ball will prefer midsize heads (250-350 ccm) to get a better control.

DriverHead Loft

DriverLofts are available from 7.5 - 12 degree. The choice of the loft is dependent onthe Golf swing speed, the length and flex of the Shaft and the type of balls.

Asimplified categorisation based on your handicap and swing speed can look asfollows:

  • Slow swing speed, Handicap over 20: Select loft 10-12 degree

  • Average swing speed, Hcp 10-20: loft 9.5 or 10.5 degree

  • Fast swing, single handicap: 8 - 9.5 degree loft

ErnieEls for example is playing a Titleist Driver with 9.5 degree loft. He plays theTileist V1x which has a very low trajectory. This constellation made him changing the Driver loft from 7.5 to 9.5 degree.

Tip:Really not too easy to find the right Driver, even for Pros! No worry, thechoice is much easier for a normal player like you and me. The best way to findout is to try different lofts in combination with a variety of Shafts on theDriving Range.

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Shafts of Golf Drivers

Shaft Flex

"Flex"describes the ability of a Golf Shaft to bend during the Golf swing. The forces,which let the Golf Shaft bend are determined by your Golf swing, manly the speedof your swing. The Shaft bends differently depending whether you have a slow ora fast swing. Golf Shafts are manufactured to offer different levels of flex.

Theyare mainly four categories:

  • Seniorsand Ladies: with a swing speed of less than 70 mph (most flexible)

  • Regular:for swing speeds of around 80 mph (most common)

  • Stiff:for players with a swing speed of 90 mph (less flexible)

  • Extra stiff: for the pro's with a swing speed of 100mph (the least flexible)

Important:A flex that doesn't fit your swing type will make your shots to go off-target,because the Clubface will not be square at impact.

Impactof the flex

If the flex of your Club is too stiff, the Club head will tend to beopen at impact. This results in your balls flying to the right and low. If theflex is not stiff enough, the Club head tends to be closed at impact and resultsin balls flying to the left with a slice tendendy and very high.

Tipon how to select the perfect Shaft for you: The distance with your Driver is agood indicator:

  • extra stiff: 250-300 yards (Tiger Woods),

  • stiff: 250 yards,

  • regular: 230-250 yards (for most of us),

  • Senior: 180-230 (slow swing speed),

  • Ladies: below 200 yards

Shaft Length

The general concept: A longer Golf Club willhit further given the same swing speed. However, since the swing arc is longer,it often is harder to keep the Driver under control. All things being equal,most Golfers should prefer longer Shafts to the sacrifice of greater control.

The standard length of a steel shafted Driverfor a man is 43 inches. Graphite Drivers Shafts are normally 1 inch longer thansteel shafted Clubs due to the lower weight. art below for the different Golf Clubsthat make up a set.

Practice with differents Shaft lengths (between 44 and 46 inches) and comparecontrol and distance. Improved distance with more misshits is not a good thing.Find the balance. The lighter the Club Head the more length you can add to theShaft.

Special Shafts

:Extra tip for very good Players and Golf nuts

Customizeyour Driver with a high performance Shaft. The quality of the OEM (originalequipment manufacturers) is improving, but cannot take into account thedifferent characteristics required by individual players. One model cannot beprefect for everyone. The custom Shaft manufacturer provide a number of modelsin each flex category. You can test and feel the differences and identify theShaft which fits best to your physique and your Golf swing.

Examples of custom shaft manufacturers are Grafalloy or Aldila.

Whereto get top brand Golf Drivers and Clone Golf Drivers at the best prices?

The internet is the perfect distribution channel forfactory-direct Golf manufacturer. No expensive fancy retail shops and nomiddlemen result in much lower prices. Adhere to the following rules ifbuying on the Internet:

  • Buy only from Industry leader Golf Club Manufacturers that have a long experience and only use high-quality materials (e.g. shafts from leading companies like True Temper, Grafalloy, Aldila)

  • Buy only from Golf Shops that provide custom fitting. The leading Clone Golf Club provider offer free Custom Fitting. Custom Fitting Wizards and Tables help you choosing the Clubs which fit perfectly your physique (right shaft flex and length, correct grip size).

  • Prefer Clone Golf Club Provider that have a 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 days

  • Clone Golf Clubs are a great choice for people who are looking for a great price value ratio. If buying at the right Golf Shops (see our recommendations below) you can get high quality Golf Clubs at a discount up to 80% compared to top brand names.

  • Clone Golf Clubs are available for all type of Golfers from Scratch to Social Golfers.

  • Clone Golf Clubs are not for you if you attach importance to brand names. Clone Golf Clubs look very similar to their top brand equivalents but have different names. If you prefer to impress people by the name of your Clubs and not with the quality of your games then Clones are not for you.

Ourpreferred Internet Golf Shops are:

  • Pinemeadow Golf
    One of the leading Clone Golf Club manufacturer that sells to Golf Players around the world. They produce hundred of thousands of Golf Clubs every year and are one of the leading custom fitting Golf producers.
    Pros: The online Custom Fitting Wizard is easy to handle and provides good results. Good Customer Service
    Cons: Only three grip sizes, higher oversea shipping costs than (e.g. for Europe deliveries)

    Great quality and customer service. We ordered last week a set of Lady Clubs. They were shipped within four days overseas.
    A wide selection of Clubs, excellent materials (e.g. Grafalloy Shafts and Lamkin Grips), good online custom fitting tool, even Ladies with small glove size will find the right grips. Shipping is very fast and the costs are quite low for oversea shipping.

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