The new Taylor Made R7 Driver
a Milestone in Driver Technology
R7 Clone Review now available!

Taylor Made r7 Driver

A milestone in Golf Driver technology.
The Taylor Made r7 quad, is a remarkable new Driver featuring a completely new technology called Taylor Made Launch Control (TLC).
TLC gives players the freedom to change the driver's launch conditions by redistributing 24 grams of discretionary weight in a variety of ways.
While the average driver delivers a single set of launch conditions, the Taylor Made R7 Driver delivers six, allowing the player to choose the one that produces optimum results.



Taylor Made R7 Driver features:

  • Driver lofts: 7.5° (RH only), 8.5° (RH only) • 9.5° (RH & LH) • 10.5° (RH & LH)
  • Includes TLC torque wrench to install and remove cartridges
  • Shaft available in M (Senior), Regular, Stiff and Tour Stiff flex
  • Inverted Cone Technology (ICT): Provides a much larger maximum COR zone or "sweet spot" of .830 for higher ball speed; ICT precise geometry: CNC-milled directly onto the inner side of the clubface
  • Vertical Gear Effect: When impact is made with the upper part of the Taylor Made R7 Driver Clubface, it causes the club to rotate counterclockwise at impact, which counteracts backspin normally created by clubface loft; Result is higher launch angle and less backspin
  • Super-thin wall technology: thin, strong and light
  • 3-Piece Cartridge, largest made from tungsten that stays securely in place via a pressure-fit; Light cartridge fashioned from single piece of titanium for strength and light weight
  • CG Comparison: Left to Right; Positioning Center of Gravity closer to heel makes it easier to rotate the clubface back to square at impact, helping to prevent a fade and promoting a draw; Positioning Center of Gravity toward toe slows clubface rotation, helping to prevent draw and promote a fade
  • CG Comparison: Front to Back; Positioning the Center of Gravity toward the back of the clubhead promotes a higher launch angle, promoting a higher ball flight for increased distance; Positioning the Center of Gravity toward the front of the Taylor Made R7 Driver Clubhead promotes lower launch angle for lower ball flight
  • M.A.S.2 7-65 Shaft: Weighs 65 grams and is engineered with low torque and a medium-high kickpoint; Works best at medium to high swing speeds

Taylor Made R7 Quad Driver Review:

It's the best driver on the market today. I had always a fade or slice with my old Taylor Made Drivers. When I adjusted the Taylor Made R7 Driver to the proper weighting alignment for my specific swingpath the balls were absolutely straight and very very long. TaylorMade Launch Control, featured in the r7 Quad, gives you the freedom to change the launch angle and spin rate to maximize distance and accuracy of your tee shots in a way never before possible. The first driver to scientifically adapt to your swing, the r7 could be the cure to your slice hook. Combined with Taylor Made's Inverted Cone Technology you gain more than just extra yards and change your game.

Although the Taylor Made R7 Driver is quite expensive it's a must have for low handicap Players (below handicap 18).

Rating: 10/10

Where to get this outstanding Driver at the best price?

R7 Quad TI Driver

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Taylor Made R7 Clones now available

The first R7 Clones have just been launched:

Power Play System Q Titanium Driver
Power Play System Q Titanium Driver

The Power Play System Q Driver is a new benchmark in titanium driver technologies. The movable tungsten and aluminum weights create customizable launch angles and ball flight options. Six weight configurations give you total control of your game (see the weight setup tool on this page). The System Q includes two (2) six gram tungsten weights and two (2) two gram aluminum weights preinstalled. The position of the weights in the club head determine ball trajectory.


People are absoulte amazed by the power and accuracy of the Power Play System Q Driver. Here some statements:

  • This club has enabled me to hit the ball about 20-30 yards longer and perfectly straight.
  • I have never hit a driver to the left before, so I toyed with the weights, and WOW, this thing is GOOD.
  • The Q works like magic.

Rating: 10/10 Top Pick

The Power Play System Q Driver is easier to hit than the R7. It can be recommended to all Golf Handicaps below 30. The weight setup control corrects your slice and you can manage higher or lower ball trajection.
I personally prefer the Power Play System Q Titanium Driver with 10.5 degree Loft and a Grafalloy Blue Graphite Stiff Shaft.

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