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Discover Tiger's Mental Secret

Discover How One Simple, But Little-Known Mental Technique Can Make You Hitting Longer & Straighter Drives Without Practice.

It is very important that your Golf Equipment suits your physique and your type of swing. Consider this... suppose your Golf Club Shafts are too stiff or your grips are too thin. Even with a perfect swing you have problems to consistently hit good shots. The results are poor scores and frustration. Custom fitting is the key to success.

Our Golf Equipment Reviews provide you in-depth information, tips and golf club comparisons that help you to make the right choice before choosing any Golf Equipment.
Lower your score with our free Golf Equipment Review Guide and Tips.

We Provide Unique & Indepdenant Golf Club Test Reviews, Clone Golf Club Comparison & Golf Swing Method Tests

Benefit from our expertise in Golf equipment test reviews and Clone Golf Club comparison. The internet is the perfect place for factory-direct Golf Club producers: No fancy retail shops and no middlemen are the key to reduced costs and low prices with discounts up to 80%! But how good are Clone Golf Clubs? You can read more here:  Clone Golf Club Comparison...
There are many clone golf club manufacturers online. But not all provide the expected quality and service.
Do you have any experience with Clone Golf Clubs? We're happy to receive your feedback.


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But is more - Learn all you need to know about Golf Equipment and discover the perfect Golf Swing method for you:

  • Golf Equipment Review Guide: Learn everything you need to know before you purchase any Golf Equipment like Drivers, Irons, Putters, Wedges or Golf Balls
  • Learn how to choose the best Golf Drivers, Golf Irons, Golf Wedges, Golf Club Clones, used Golf Equipment which perfectly fit to your physique
  • Reviews of the latest Golf Club innovations like new hot Drivers (e.g. Nike Sumo, Taylor Made R7 Superquad, Ping Rapture), Irons or Golf Balls 
  • Free Tips and recommendations on where buying top brand and clone Golf Equipment with the best discount. The Web is a perfect place to get Equipment used for Golf at bargain prices. We show you where to get great discounts on Golf Club Clones and top Golf brands from Pinemeadow Golf, Taylor Made, Callaway, Cleveland, Ping, Mizuno, Titleist, Wilson, Nike, King Cobra and many more.
  • Clone Golf Equipment Reviews 
  • Get free tips and reviews of the newest Golf swing methods and instructions (Golf Ebooks, Golf Videos) which we've tested in detail
  • Free tips, reviews and recommendations on how choosing the right Golf training aids
  • Reviews of Playstation 3, Xbox and Nintendo Wii Golf Games
  • And lots more...

*** Latest Golf Ebook Reviews and Golf Swing Method Recommendations ***

The Simple Golf Swing
Read how I lowered my score by 8 strokes in
4 weeks with David Nevogt's Simple Swing System


Mental Golf Training Reviews
Did you know that Tiger is said to use subliminal mental
golf training since he was 13?

Read more about
Andrew Scott's Amazing Golf Mind Audios here:



Golf Equipment Review Guide -
Some Important Aspects To Be Noted

Lately been in your local Golf shop or Golf discount, when what do you see? .... a shop jammed with Golf Equipment! Golf clubs by the dozens, famous brands like Callaway, King Cobra, Taylor Made. Other big names and some intriguing ones you've never seen before...

Nirvana, right? I went through all this when I started six years ago with the wonderful game of Golf. I tested dozens of drivers, irons, wedges and training aids. I reviewed hundreds of Golf swing magazines, books and videos. Today I have handicap 11 and my next goal is a single handicap. Based on my knowledge I found Golf Clubs that perfectly suit my physique and personality. I had been on a search for the best Golf Swing for myself, looking at material from everyone I could find. With Peter Croker's method I've found my path to a better and more consistent Golf Swing. Recently I discovered the Simple Golf Swing Ebook which helped me to significantly improve my game. The result is promising and I'll let you know when I regularly break 80. 

My girlfriend Karin started extensively playing Golf two years ago and already played an amazing 85 round last year. Due to the right choice of Equipment used for Golf and an easy to learn Golf Swing she has greatly improved her Golf skills. Believe me she's getting a real competitor and I've to hurry up to lower my score before she will have caught me.

Golf Club Test Reviews - Discover where to get
your favorite Golf Clubs at the best price

And we show you where you get the best discounts for top Golf brands or factory Golf Equipment from Taylor Made, Callaway, Titleist, Ping, Mizuno, Nike, Wilson, Cleveland, King Cobra, Odyssey, Adams, Pinemeadow Golf, Gigagolf and many more.

Every day a new Golf product, which is praised as the best product ever, is hitting the Golf market. We deliver the real facts about new Equipment used for Golf launched in the market. No hype and marketing tricks, but our honest view and the real facts in the Golf Equipment Review Guide which will help you choosing the right Golf Clubs and Equipment for you.

For whatever Golf Equipment, new or preowned - top brand or clone, we hope that you will find something that suits you on our site.

Enjoy your visit and do not forget to subscribe to our free Ezine to get the Golf Equipment Review Guide and free Golf Tips.

Your Team
Karin & Andy

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