Review of the Simple Golf Swing Ebook by David Nevogt

The Simple Golf Swing Ebook claims that it can reduce your handicap by 7 strokes in only two weeks.

Karin and I tested this Golf method and will give you an insight of our experiences with this golf swing ebook.

The Concept

David Nevogt, the author of the Simple Golf Swing tried to reduce the complex Golf Swing to the real basics. In short, it's about using the spine as an axis to promote consistency and to keep you on the correct swing plane for every shot. Using the correct hand action should add distance to every shot. And the drill to achieve correct timing should help to get a straight ball flight and consistent direction.

What you get with the Simple Swing

You get a step-by-step guide on the full swing, a step-by-step guide on the short game (for a limited time), a mental guide, and personal coaching to make all of this happen quickly and easily. In addition you get the following bonuse instructions: Mike Pedersen’s "Fit To A Tee” ebook, Training Aids You can Make at Home, How to Get Out of the Sand and Close to the Cup, Valuable Putting Tips, Secrets From the Game's Longest Hitter and Lifetime Upgrades.

Our Simple Swing Review Results

I bought the Simple Golf Swing on September 17, 2006. I normally play in the low 80s and use Peter Croker's better path to Golf system - also known as Push Golf. In the last months I had problems with my consistency and often struggled on two or three holes. This resulted in scores in the high 80s. So that's why I decided to give David Nevogt's system a try.

I practiced the Simple Swing technique for about one week at home and went directly to a Tournament. Believe me or not I was 3 over par after eleven holes and completed the round with 12 over par. I hit straight drives, long iron shots and pitches close to the pin. The distance is more or less the same, but my fade and slice have gone.

I just returned from a Match Play against the runner up of this seasons Match Play Competition of my club and ... you guess it I beat him 2 & 1!

Update on October 23, 2006

I just returned from my best round ever. I played a 78 on a Par 72 Golf Course. It was just amazing. I hit 15 Greens in regulation (83%), holed three birdies. I don't like hypes. But I bought the Simple Golf Swing four weeks ago and I reduced my score by at least 8 strokes since then. Thanks David for this great product. The single axis golf technique works greatly for me.

Update December 2006

My girlfriend Karin improved her handicap by 5 strokes in about five weeks since she applies the Simple Swing System. She making progress slowly but consistently.

I play now consistently in the high 70s or low 80s without any practice. My drives are straight and long, 95 out of 100 times. I have full control over my swing.

Rating: 10/10 *** Editors Choice

About the product

You will be able to learn the unique setup and the 5-step system in roughly 3 hours. You will see immediate results. Then, you need approximately 1-2 weeks to get used to the new setup and swing mechanics, and to get through the lessons. An interesting and solid Chipping technique is included in the package as well.

This system can be applied for all handicaps. The higher your handicap the more strokes can be saved.

The current price is $47. You find the Simple Golf Swing System here . David offers a fair 8 week money-back-guarantee. This gives you enough time to learn the system and apply it on the course.

Update January 2007

David Nevogt and Bobby Eldridge, Director of Instruction at Simple Golf Swing and just launched the Purepoint Golf DVD series. The DVD explains the Simple Golf Swing step by step and is a great tool to visualize the components of the swing.

The Purepoint Golf DVD is the perfect addition to the Simple Golf Swing Ebook which makes it even easier to learn this new technique very quickly.

Check it out here:

PurePoint Golf DVD

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