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Kid Golf Clubs

The right choice of Kid Golf Clubs is essential for the progress of your Child's Golf Game. Your children and the whole familie will have more fun on the Golf Course.

Let your child start off right with the right Junior Golf Clubs which are specially designed to fit junior Golfers. Young Golfers will learn much quicker and will have more fun with Child Golf clubs that fit perfectly.

Important Tips

Your Kids do not need the latest technology Golf equipment design and material. No need for Titanium, and high performance Golf shafts.

Your Child needs Golf Clubs with the right length and club head size. And very important, Child Golf Clubs need to be attractively priced. Consider buying a complete Junior Golf Club package containing a putter, three irons (5, 7 and 9), a Driver (that's fun) and a funny Junior Stand Bag.

There are mainly two categories of packages depending on the age of your Kid: Child Golf Clubs for ages from 5-9 and from 10-14. Junior Golfers over 15 do not need Kid Golf Clubs anymore and can consider playing normal or custom fitted equipment used for Golf.

Click here to find a great choice of Kid Golf clubs which offer an ideal choice for those just starting out in the game.

The heads of these Junior Golf Clubs are designed with the latest styles in mind and offered at an affordable price. Available in a wide selection of styles, these child golf clubs clubs can be ordered in a special package price.

Recommended Junior Golf Sets

Ages 5-8

Power Play Junior Golf Set for Ages 5-8

Power Play Junior Golf Set for Ages 5-8

The Power Play Junior 7 piece set is the perfect way to get your younger golfer off to the right start! Suited best for Golfers between the ages of 5-8 this set gives the new Golfer the look and feel of a pro. Package includes an oversized 3 wood with a high loft making it easier to get the ball in the air. It also comes with a furry Tiger Plush headcover to protect the finish of the wood. The three irons included with the set are a 5 7 and 9 that feature a cavity back design and easy to hit characteristics. Putter is built with a steel shaft with a top line to help alignment. Also comes with a dual strap stand bag with 6 pockets and a place to carry a water bottle.

Ages 9-12

Tour Series 10 Piece Junior Set for Ages 9-12

 Tour Series 10 Piece Junior Set for Ages 9-12

If you are thinking about introducing a junior Golfer to the game this set is perfect for players between the ages of 9-12. All the clubs are built and designed with easy to hit characteristics making it simple for the new player to pick up the game. Set includes a 360cc driver with a large face to improve ball contact and distance. In addition the 3 wood replaces the 3 iron because it is hard for the junior Golfer (actuall y all golfers) to hit the lower lofted irons when first learning the game.  The four irons that come with the set are the 5 7 9 and SW are perfectly gapped so they have the right clubs for every type of shot. They are designed with an oversize club face and wide sole to create a lower center of gravity for higher trajectory and more accurate shots. The Tour blade putter is also included with a line on the top of the putter to help line up putts. The Tour Series Jr. Stand bag has a dual strap 8 pockets and a 3 way top making it easy for the to be able to tote their clubs around the course.

Ages above 12

We recommend to use a custom fitting Clone Golf Club Set. It's important that you choose Shafts with the right length (around 1 inch short) and smaller grips (check your kid's glove size). Have a look at
for a great price value ratio.

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