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The Golf Iron Reviews section helps you with reviews and tips to understand the most important factors when choosing your Golf irons. The right choice of your irons will improve the accuracy and distance of your shots and naturally reduce your handicap.

We are dedicated to provide you with reviews, advise and tips around Golf irons. Find the Golf Equipment that is perfect for your physique and swing. Discover the free power tips and reviews and improve your Golf game easily and quickly. The following areas are covered

  • Reviews, advise and tips on how choosing the perfect Golf irons for you

  • Golf iron reviews of the latest Golf irons from Callaway, Taylor Made, Titleist, Ping, Mizuno, Pinemeadow

  • Tips where to buy top brand Golf Clubs and Clones at discounts with up to 80% discount

  • Our recommended Golf Irons

Do you remember when you the last time entered a Golf Shop or surfed the Internet to find the latest Golf Iron innovations? Really not easy to find the best stuff and understand the different concepts...

Cavity back, Slingshot, RAC Design, Tungsten Inserts, Forged Club Heads... Are you familiar with all these concepts?

No? Don't worry, we will show you what is important in this Review Golf Iron section!

What do you need to consider if buying Golf Irons?

Choosing the right Golf Shafts

The Golf Shaft is one of the most important elements for Golf Equipment. If you understand the concept of the flex you have made a big step towards choosing the perfect Golf clubs for your Golf swing.

Shaft Flex "Flex" describes the ability of a golf Shaft to bend during the golf swing. The forces, which let the golf Shaft bend are determined by your golf swing, manly the speed of your swing. The Shaft bends differently depending whether you have a slow or a fast swing. Golf Shafts are manufactured to offer different levels of flex.

They are mainly four categories:

Seniors and Ladies: with a swing speed of less than 70 mph (most flexible)

Regular: for swing speed of around 80 mph (most common)

Stiff: for players with a swing speed of 90 mph (less flexible)

Extra stiff: for pro's with a swing speed of 100mph (the least flexible)

Tip: A flex that doesn't fit your swing type will make your shots to go off-target, because the clubface will not be square at impact. Impact of the flex If the flex of your clubs is too stiff, the club head will tend to be open at impact. This results in your balls flying to the right and low. If the flex is not stiff enough, the club head tends to be closed at impact and results in balls flying to the left with a slice tendency and very high.

Tips on how to select the perfect Shaft

Distance with your Driver is a good indicator for choosing the right Shaft category:

  • extra stiff: 250-300 yards (Tiger Woods),

  • stiff: 250 yards,

  • regular: 230-250 yards (for most of us),

  • Senior: 200-230,

  • Ladies: below 200 yards.

The real secret is Custom Fitting:

Pinemeadow Golf
has built an automated Custom Fitting Wizard that collects all information and quickly provides you with your custom fitting result. You'll know what Golf Shaft flex and length you need:

Pinemeadow Golf Club Fitting Wizard

Measure your swing speed; there are great tools available, which help you to measure your swing speed quite easily on the driving range: Play shots with your 7 iron on the driving range and measure the speed of ten good shots. Calculate the average speed and consult Pinemeadow Golf or any other Golf Shop.

Tip: If you are a beginner you should try to play the same iron or driver with different Shaft types. You will feel the difference. If you find a flex that feels good and produces a good ball flight, there's a good chance that this is the right flex for you. Be honest with yourself. It doesn't make sense at all to play a stiff Shaft only because you noticed that the professionals prefer stiff or even extra stiff Shafts. It's a far better choice for the normal Golfer to play regular Shafts.

Material of Golf Shafts

You have the choice between Steel and Graphite Shafts:

Steel Shafts
Steel Shafts are heavier than Graphite Shafts and offer more control. Steel Shafts are strong and do not absorb the shock at impact very well. You have a direct contact to the ball, especially if you play forged irons. Steel is more durable and less expensive as graphite.

Steel Shafts can be recommended as follows:

  • Golf Players with a fast swing

  • Golfers who are looking for precision and good feedback

  • Beginners who have a strong physique and are looking for an inexpensive Golf equipment

Graphite Shafts
Graphite Shafts reduce the weight of your club, which helps to swing the Golf irons faster. The result: Faster swing speed and extra distance. Graphite Shafts absorb the shock at impact.

We recommend Graphite Shafts to the following Golf Players:

  • Women

  • Seniors

  • Golf Players with a slow swing speed who are looking for more distance

Choosing the right Golf Club Head

Club Head Types

Cast Irons

Cast irons have a cavity back construction, and are also known as perimeter weighted irons. The head weight is normally on the outside of the head. The result is a larger sweet spot because more of the weight is on the edges of the club face. Especially beginners have the tendency to miss-hit the ball more often and benefit from the forgiveness of this Golf iron type.


Mid (15) - to high handicap Golfers

Forged Irons

Forged irons have normally no special weight distribution on the back of the club head. The center of gravity is in the center of the club head. Advanced player will appreciate the improved control trajectory as the weight is higher in the face.

Forged irons have a smaller sweet spot and are less forgiving on a miss-hit.
Forged Irons are typically available as blade construction, but Mizuno manufactures also forged cavity back irons for mid-handicappers (Comp EZ, MX-20).


Low handicap Golfers (below 15)

Club Head Size

Standard Size Clubs
Traditional clubs, often in blade construction, small sweet spot and low forgiveness, recommended for very good players

Midsize Clubs
Combination of traditional and oversized Golf Irons. They offer a bigger sweet spot than standard clubs. Good compromise for mid-handicappers

Oversize Clubs
Large sweet spot and very forgiving, ideal for beginners and high handicap Golfers. Not recommended for good players due to the lack of control.

Club Head Material

Used for cheap beginner golf irons.

Staineless Steel
Cast irons are a good choice for less-advanced players looking for durability and consistency. Many of today's cast clubs can offer similar, if not better playability than forged. Forged irons are made of a softer steel, providing a better feel for better players.

Titanium Golf Club heads are lighter than steel. They can be made larger than traditional steel heads, which improves the sweet spot and reduces miss-hits. Titanium heads are more expensive than other steel.

Tungsten Inserts
Club head innovations often combine stainless steel or Titanium and other materials like Tungsten. The idea is to optimize the weight distribution for more length, control and forgiveness.

Where to get top brand Golf Irons and Clone Irons at the best prices?

The internet is the perfect distribution channel for factory-direct Golf manufacturer. No expensive fancy retail shops and no middlemen result in much lower prices. Adhere to the following rules if buying on the Internet:

  • Buy only from Industry leader Golf Club Manufacturers that have a long experience and only use high-quality materials (e.g. shafts from leading companies like True Temper, Grafalloy, Aldila)

  • Buy only from Golf Shops that provide custom fitting. The leading Clone Golf Club provider offer free Custom Fitting. Custom Fitting Wizards and Tables help you choosing the Clubs which fit perfectly your physique (right shaft flex and length, correct grip size).

  • Prefer Clone Golf Club Provider that have a 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 days

  • Clone Golf Clubs are a great choice for people who are looking for a great price value ratio. If buying at the right Golf Shops (see our recommendations below) you can get high quality Golf Clubs at a discount up to 80% compared to top brand names.

  • Clone Golf Clubs are available for all type of Golfers from Scratch to Social Golfers.

  • Clone Golf Clubs are not for you if you attach importance to brand names. Clone Golf Clubs look very similar to their top brand equivalents but have different names. If you prefer to impress people by the name of your Clubs and not with the quality of your games then Clones are not for you.

Our preferred Internet Golf Shops are:

  • Pinemeadow Golf *** Top Pick ***
    One of the leading Clone Golf Club manufacturer that sells to Golf Players around the world. They produce hundred of thousands of Golf Clubs every year and are one of the leading custom fitting Golf producers.
    Pros: The online Custom Fitting Wizard is easy to handle and provides good results. Good Customer Service. 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 days.

  • GigaGolf *** Top Pick ***
    Great quality and customer service. We ordered last week a set of Lady Clubs. They were shipped within four days overseas.
    A wide selection of Irons, excellent materials (e.g. Graffaloy Shafts and Lamkin Grips), good online custom fitting tool, even Ladies with small glove size will find the right grips. Shipping is very fast and free for delivery within the USA. The costs are quite low for overseas shipping (Europe).
    100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 days

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