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Tips and recommendations on how choosing used Golf Clubs from Callaway and other top brands

Used Golf clubs are a great alternative for all Golfers. You get the same top quality Golf Clubs but you can save up to 60%.

Why paymore, if you get top Golf Equipment at a bargain?
We showyou what to consider if choosing used Golf Clubs and where to get second hand Drivers,used Irons, Wedges and Putters from Callaway, Odyssey, Pinemeadow and other topbrand names (Titleist, Nike, Ping, Cleveland, King Cobra, Wilson, Adams Golf).

Why do you pay up to 60% less for used Golf Clubs?
It is clear, that a used GolfClub does not look virgin, the club face might have some scratches and the gripsmay need to be renewed. But it is the same if you buy new Golf Clubs: they will havesome minor scratches on the Club Head after you played them 5 or 6 times.

Used Golf Clubs - a fit for you?
Preowned Golf Equipment is a great choice for everybody. All type of Golfers can save a lot of money if buyingused Golf Clubs:

Ideal for Golf Beginners: Startyour Golf career with used Taylor Made, Callaway, Ping, Nike or other topbrand Golf Clubs and save up to 60%! Playing top brand Golf Clubs from thebeginning will prevent you from being in doubt about the quality of your Golf Clubsif you're struggeling with your Golf Game.

More experienced Golfers might know that the time to market of the big Golf manufacturer like Callawayor TaylorMade is getting faster and faster. New products like Drivers, Irons, Wedges and Putters are launched nearly twice a season.There are technical revolutions and innovations, but the normal Golfer will notfeel a big difference between this year's and last year's Golf irons.

Where to buy used GolfClubs?
TheInternet is the perfect place to find preowned and used Golf Clubs. Thereare web sites where you can trade in your used Clubs for cash or swap with newer Clubs.

If buying used Golf Clubs on the Web: find a trusted Golf Retailerwith a 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

We recommend the following online Golf Stores for used Golf Clubs - all with a 100% Money Back Guarantee:

Used Golf Clubs from CallawayGolfPreowned is a great site to find used Golf Equipment fromCallaway. They provide a wide selection of quality preowned Golf Drivers, Irons,Wedges and Putters. You can also trade in any other Callaway Golf clubs you have.
You will not find the very latest Golf Drivers, but a great selection of usedGolf Clubs is available which have been launched 6 month or later ago.

Refurbished Golf Clubs from PinemeadowGolf
If you like Golf Club Clones and Copies you can find used, returned andrefurbished Golf Equipment at
Some of the refurbished Golf Clubs were built as demos. Others were returned by customers throughPinemeadow's 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Still others might have been made tothe wrong length or flex, or even returned by wholesale dealers. Check it ourfor real bargains.

eBay -A great place to find used Golf Clubs
eBay is unique place to find used Golf Equipment at bargain prices.

Buying new items, brand names, and collectibles on eBay is simple:
1. Click here foreBay! and register or sign in if you are already registred
2. Enter the key word (e.g. Golf Driver, Golf Irons,TaylorMade Driver, Cleveland Wedge) in the field 'whatare you looking for'
3. Use the button 'buy it now' orplace a bid on your desired item
4. Pay the seller via a safe, fast, easy and freeway with PayPal (you'll be protected up to $500 on qualified listings throughPayPal Buyer Protection)

It's really simple and easy to buy great GolfDrivers or any other Golf Equipment at the best prices on eBay.


  • Buy only from Sellers with highFeedback ratings.
  • Ask the seller about the status of the shafts if buying a used Golf Club. It can be very expensive to replace shafts.
    Old grips are no problem, they can be replaced quite cheaply ($10 per grip).

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