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Welcome to our free Golf Swing Tips section. We collected the most efficient Golf Tips from the best sources. Discover secret Golf Swing Tips that your Pro doesn't teach you. Practise the recommended Golf Swing drills daily and your success is guaranteed!

The average Golf handicaps have gone down approx. one stroke over the last 20 years. The average Golf handicap is still 25. How can this be possible with the recent revolution in Golf Drivers, Irons and Balls? The shocking fact: People rely too much on technology and don't work on their Golf Swing.

Tip 1: Rather invest your money in Golf instruction books and lessons with your Pro than in the latest high tech Drivers!

There are thousands of Golf Swing instruction books and videos available on the markets. Not easy to pick the right one. But how can you find the Golf method which is perfect for you?

I went through all this when I started my Golf career 7 years ago. I read several Golf Books, hunted for all available free Golf Tips and had a new Golf Pro every three month. Does this sound familar?

Don't worry. There are great Golf instruction books, even on the Web, which provide an easy and consistent approach to improve your Golf Swing, no matter how good you are. I reviewed personally two of todays most successful Golf Swing instruction books:

Read my personal review of David Nevogt's "The Simple Golf Swing"

Review of Miles Bryant "From the ground up or how to break 70s"

Free Golf Swing Tips

Some of the free Golf Swing Tips are really revolutionary and you won't find them in most books. Give them a try and you'll be surprised how effective they are. The Golf Swing Drills will mainly fix the most common Golf Swing problems: Slice, Inconsistency and Distance

Do you have any other great tips which helped to improve your game? I would be happy to add them to the Golf Swing Tips list.

Enjoy our Golf Swing Tip selection!

Free Golf Swing Tip to correct a Slice

How to correct Fat Shots

Try a new Weak Golf Grip

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For a further guide on practice tips, from the basics through to detailed tips, and drills, to improve and enjoy your golf, why not try out this other great golf site. It also has information on how to deal with bad weather, sloping lies, and those trouble shots. Along with topics such as golf nutrition and golf rules.

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