A revolutionary Golf Swing technique that will teach you the Swing Secrects of the Pros

Get a powerful and smooth Golf Swing like the Pros with this secret Golf Swing technique

A successful Golf Game is mainly determined by the Golf Swing Technique and the Golf Equipment. The average handicap has not improved since years although we've had a technology revolution in Golf Equipment with new Golf Driver and Golf Ball innovations. If the ball can be hit 10 yards longer with a new high tech Driver like Callaway's ERC Fusion why does this not positively impact the handicaps of the average amateurs? Most of the players do not understand the essentials of the Golf Swing and don't know which swing components to practice regularly. Let me explain this...

There are hundreds of different Golf Swing techniques and methods taught by teaching Pros and Golf schools. You can find even more books, videos and DVDs about the perfect Golf Swing. In every Golf magazine you can find new Golf swing tips and Golf instructions. Most of them focus on very specific technical details which are mostly very difficult to understand and to be applied on the Golf course. The same problem if you take lessons from different Pro's: Nearly each Pro will start from scratch and not try to build up from your current swing. Do you have similar experiences?

Have you wondered why Pros and very good Amateurs consistently shoot in the 70s or lower? They have different setups, different grips and different swing styles but they all have one in common, they shoot very low scores.

I came across a revolutionary Golf Swing Tip which unveils the Golf Swing Secrets of the PGA Pros:


And this method does not start with the Golf Grip! This Golf Swing method will teach you the 3 essential elements of any good Golf Swing. And best of all, these elements are so easily and quickly learned; they can be learned in minutes! This method works on the premise of teaching the key fundamentals, or elements which are present in all good Golf games, and it teaches these Elements one at a time in their proper sequence!

Miles Bryant the founder and author about the secrects of his Golf method:

"Through extensive observation, I found a Common Denominator among all Golfers, and once I finally realized what that Common Denominator was, I just couldn't believe how "obvious" and simple it all was. As in any puzzle or "discovery" the piece, or idea was right in front of my eyes all the time!" "The Common Denominator I discovered was that ALL Golfers who break 80 regularly are good, or at least fairly good at a certain Element in the Golf Swing, and ALL Golfers who don't break 80, are bad at that same thing. From this simple observation came the obvious conclusion that this Element was the first and most important thing that needed to 'be in' and to be learned in order to shoot in the 70's!"

"This method is based upon this observable fact (Common Denominator). So the next thing to do was to test this idea to see if this method really worked. And the answer? Yes it did, and in Spades! I saw changes in minutes and hours, and huge big smiles on peoples faces. Handicaps were being cut in half within weeks!"

Our Review of these revolutionary Golf Swing technique

I discovered Bryan's Golf Swing eBook last year and his method reduced my score by 4 strokes. When I first saw the price (29.95$) I couldn't belive that this a serious Golf Instruction Book. Miles is even providing a 60 days 100% Money Back Guarantee. 60 days are a fair period to testdrive these Golf Swing technique.
I was very surprised how efficient his recommended drills are. The method is very easy to understand and can be learned within minutes. You can practice the drill at home and it does not take more than 10 minutes per day. The eBook contains great Golf Swing tips but also explains a very efficient method for chipping and putting. My short game improved significantly.

Rating: 10/10


I have seen a lot of books about the Golf Swing. Nearly all of them start from scratch with the grip. This method builds up from your current swing. You will learn the elements which are key for power and accuracy. It's closely related to the Natural Swing Golf concedpt. I strongly improved my chipping and putting with Myles tips.

I can highly recommend Bryan's Golf Swing method. It's easy to learn, can be practiced at home and you will benefit from a great putting and chipping style.

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