Golf Clubs Beginner Tips & How To Get Started With The Golf Game

Learn how to avoid the pitfalls in Golf and how to start playing Golf the easiest and most successful way.

Golf is a fantastic game where you can enjoy a passion, improve your health, meet a lot of new people and have a lot of fun. More and more people play Golf and getting started is not so difficult. If you know the best tips to get started you can save a lot of time and money to become a good Golfer. This article provides you with top tips and shows how a Golf Beginner can start with Golf the easiest and quickest way.


Which Golf Clubs to Buy?

This is an important question when you start playing Golf. This decision depends on your dedication for the Golf Game. If you're playing only 4 or 5 times a year you have different needs than an enthusiastic Golfer who plays 4-5 times a week.

Golf Beginners often hunt directly to the next Golf shop and buy a brand new set of expensive Golf Clubs for Beginner. Then they go to the Driving Range and cannot hit any ball properly. Even worse the receive an injury (back, rib etc.).

Golf Beginner Tip 1
: Don't start with the most expensive set. Get customized Clone Golf Clubs for less than 200$ from one of the leading and trusted factory-direct Clone Golf manufacturer (e.g. GigaGolf buyer's guide ).

To select the Golf Clubs which fit your physics you need to understand the basics of a Golf Irons, especially the available Shaft options (steel vs. graphite, different flexes). The latest Golf Equipment generation can make the game easier with so called game improvement clubs. Golf Beginners should choose Golf Clubs which are perimeter weighted and have a cavity-back design. It's much easier with those kind of Golf Clubs to lift the ball and reach a good distance.

Recommended high quality Golf Clubs for Golf Beginners which are affordable:


Golf Beginner Tip 2
: Understand the basic concept of Golf Irons and Golf Drivers, their shaft flexes, their length, their grip size. We have created articles for Golf Irons and Golf Driver where you find all the basics which a Golf Beginner needs to understand before buying Golf Clubs: Golf Iron Reviews and Golf Driver Reviews

Golf Beginner Tip 3: Get a Custom Fitting for your new Club Custom fitting of Golf Clubs involves several easy measurements and a quick self-assessment of your game. This is very important for a Golf Beginner. You will see many fitting methods out there in the golf universe, but most of them center around the same pieces of information. This method is simple, accurate, and effective. To custom fit your golf clubs, you need to know:

  • Your gender (male or female)
  • Your height in your stockings or socks
  • The distance from your wrist (where it bends) to the floor with your shoes off
  • Your age
  • Your handicap or skill level
  • How fast you swing a golf club
  • What club you use at the 150 yard marker

Here's any easy to use web fitting guide

How to learn the correct Golf Swing

To learn the right Golf technique for the full swing, pitching, chipping and putting is quite demanding. If you don't get the basics right you will be frustrated very quickly.

Golf Beginner
4: We recommend taking at least 5 lessons with a PGA Professional. You should learn the main principles for the most important type of shots. Go after each lesson to a driving range and practice what you just learned. Keep focused on each element and don't practice more than two things together. After having had 5 or more lessons go out and play 9 holes. It even might make sense to be accompanied by a Pro the first time.

Learn the rules and etiquette. There are many books available in your local book store or at Amazon.

Now it's time to learn a specific Golf method

After having mastered the basic steps of the Swing you need to find a swing concept that fits your physique and style. The market is jammed with Golf Books and different Golf methods. If you want to improve your Golf Game quickly and easily we can recommend the following Golf methods:

Golf Beginner Tip 5
: We tested several Golf methods, classic and modern swings. We made the best experience with the Golf method "Simple Golf Swing" from David Nevogt. You can read a review of the system and how I improved my game by 8 strokes in 3 three weeks here. The program is now available as DVD.

We wish you a successful start and would be interested in hearing about your progress. Please contact us If you have any questions.


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