Review Golf Wedges - Tips and Reviews on howto improve your Golf Gamearound the Green withthe perfect Wedge

TheGolf Wedges are the most efficient weapons to improve your short game. Golfers of all Handicaps can reduce their handicaps significantly with thebest Wedges in their bag.

Didyou know that 70% of all Golf Shoots
are hit from 100 yards or less?
No doubt, the short game makes thedifference.

Howmany Wegdes do you have in your bag?
Average players carry only two Wedges,
mostly a Pitching Wedge (PW) and a Sand Wedge (SW).
Tom Kite was the firstfamous Pro on the Tour who had three Wedges in his bag in the 70s.



ReviewGolf Wedges shows you

  • the type of Wedges and their Lofts

  • what the Bounce is and how you can use it

  • tips on how many Wedges to carry and

  • review and recommendations of the best wedges.

Typeof Wedges

Thereare four type of Wedges:

PitchingWedge (PW):
Standard Wedge which is part of the most Iron Sets. Loft is in general inthe 46-49 degrees range. The Pitching Wedge is used for approaches from around120 yards.

Gapor Dual Wedge:
Gap or Dual Wedges run 50-53 degrees. These Wedges are normally not part ofstandard Golf Iron sets. Gap Wedges fill the gap between the Sand and PitchingWedge and are used for distances of 80-90 yards.

SandWedge (SW):
Sand wedges vary between 54-58 degrees and are used by most Golf players forbunker shots, chips and approches from 70-80 yards.

LobWedge (LW):
The Loft of Lob Wedge can be from 59-68 degree. It is mainly used if thereis not much Green to play with for lob or flop shots. Distance approx. 60 yards.


Bounce represents the size and cutting swath of the sole flange.
Wedges with lower bounce should play better from firmer turf or sand;
For softer turf or deep sand Wedge with higher bounce should be preferred.

Review Golf Wedges Tip: If you carry both a SandWedge and a Lob Wedge you can purchase different bounces (standard and lowbounce). You are prepared forboth firmer and softer turf conditions.

Howto choose your Wedges

First step - Determine how many Golf Wedgesyou need

  • Handicap 0-10: We recommend to carry four wedges: Pitching, Gap, Sand and Lob Wedge.
  • Handiap 11-25: To have three Wedges (Pitching, Sand and Lob Wedge) in your bag will help you to reduce the score of your short game.
  • Handicap 26-Beginner: Go with a Pitching and Sand Wedge. Both are normally part of standard Golf Iron sets.

Second Step - Determine the Lofts of yourWedges
There are different ways to determine the Loft.

We recommend to use the following tip from Ping:
First decide how much loft you need for your most lofted wedge. Then,subtract the loft of your 9 iron to get the total gap, and divide that number bythe total number of wedges to get the gap needed between each wedge:

A player who wants to carry three wedges, includinga 58° wedge, would have a total gap of 15½° (assuming that the Loft of the 9Iron is 42.5°). Divided by three wedges, the gap between each wedge should be 5°or 6° (the largest gap is usually between the two most lofted clubs). Thisindicates that the player could choose the matching 47° Pitching Wedge and a 52°Gap Wedge to complete the set.

Custom fitting
Standard Golf Clubs do not fit to all type ofGolfers - the results are poor shoots and injuries. That's the reason why customclub fitting is so important today. That's Pinemeadow Golf's domain. They have builtan automated Custom Fitting Wizard that collects the required information andquickly provides you with your custom fitting result. Lower your score easilywith the right club length and shafts.

Pinemeadow Golf Club Fitting Wizard

GolfWedges Material

GolfWedges are often made of softer materials, such as chrome, aluminium bronze,gunmetal, copper or beryllium. The softer materials increase feel and toucharound the green. Some are intended to rust over time, which gives a unique lookand increases the spin of your approaches.

ReviewGolf Wedge Tip: We like the soft feel of beryllium and gunmetal Wedges. Givethem a try if you don't care about rusty Wedges in your bag.

Review Golf Wedges - Recommended Golf Wedges

The following Wedges are the ones we like most. Thetable also provides you an overview onhow to find the equivalent Pinemeadow Golf Wedge Clones for the top brand Wedges.

Cleveland Cleveland Ping Titleist
Models from Callaway, Taylor Made, Ping, Nike, Cobra Cleveland 900 Form Forged Wedges


Retail Price: 120$

Cleveland 900 Form Forged Wedges


Retail Price: 120$

   PING MB Series 

Retail Price: 129$


Titleist Oil Can Vokey Wedges


Retail Price: 150$

Pinemeadow Clone Wedges Professional Open Series 690 Black Wedge

Professional Open Series 690 Black Wedge Price: 29$
Save up to 75%

Professional Open Series 690 Forged Bronze Wedge

Professional Open Series 690 Forged Bronze Wedge Price: 39$
Save up to 75%

Tour Model Series 6 Plus Wedge
Tour Model Series 6 Plus Wedge

Price: 19$
Save up to 80%

XDS Tour Carbon Steel Oil Can Wedge
XDS Tour Carbon Steel Oil Can Wedge

Save up to 80%

Review Rating 9/10 10/10 9/10 9/10
Handicap all
60 Degree Lob Wedges for Handicaps
below 18
60 Degree Lob Wedges for Handicaps
below 18
60 Degree Lob Wedges for Handicaps
below 18
60 Degree Lob Wedges for Handicaps
below 18

Whereto get top brand Wedges and Clone Wedges at the best prices?

Theinternet is the perfect distribution channel for factory-direct Golfmanufacturer. No expensive fancy retail shops and no middlemen result in muchlower prices. Adhere to the following rules if buying on the Internet:

  • Buy only from Industry leader Golf Club Manufacturers that have a long experience and only use high-quality materials (e.g. shafts from leading companies like True Temper, Graffaloy, Aldila)

  • Buy only from Golf Shops that provide custom fitting. The leading Clone Golf Club provider offer free Custom Fitting. Custom Fitting Wizards and Tables help you choosing the Clubs which fit perfectly your physique (right shaft flex and length, correct grip size).

  • Prefer Clone Golf Club Provider that have a 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 days

  • Clone Golf Clubs are a great choice for people who are looking for a great price value ratio. If buying at the right Golf Shops (see our recommendations below) you can get high quality Golf Clubs at a discount up to 80% compared to top brand names.

  • Clone Golf Clubs are available for all type of Golfers from Scratch to Social Golfers.

  • Clone Golf Clubs are not for you if you attach importance to brand names. Clone Golf Clubs look very similar to their top brand equivalents but have different names. If you prefer to impress people by the name of your Clubs and not with the quality of your games then Clones are not for you.

Ourpreferred Internet Golf Shops are:

  • *** Top Pick ***
    Great quality and customer service. We ordered last week a set of Lady Clubs. They were shipped within four days overseas.
    A wide selection of Wedges, excellent materials (e.g. Graffaloy Shafts and Lamkin Grips), good online custom fitting tool, even Ladies with small glove size will find the right grips.Shipping is very fast and free for delivery within the USA. The costs are quite low for oversea shipping (Europe).
    100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 days

  • *** Top Pick ***
    One of the leading Clone Golf Club manufacturer that sells to Golf Players around the world. They produce hundred of thousands of Golf Clubs every year and are one of the leading custom fitting Golf producers.
    Pros: The online Custom Fitting Wizard is easy to handle and provides good results. Good Customer Service. 100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 days.
    Cons: Only three grip sizes, higher oversea shipping costs than

  • - The Golf Warehouse -
    Here you'll find the top brand Golf Clubs at massive discounts!
    100% Money Back Guarantee within 30 days.

  • Golf eBay is also a good place to find new or used Golf Wegdes and other Golf equipments at bargain prices
    Buying new items, brand names, and collectibles on eBay is simple:
    1. Click here for eBay! and register or sign in if you are already registred
    2. Enter the key word Golf Driver in the field 'what are you looking for'
    3. Use the button 'buy it now' or place a bid on your desired item
    4. Pay the seller via a safe, fast, easy and free way with PayPal (you'll be protected up to $500 on qualified listings through PayPal Buyer Protection). Don't forget that you will not get a Money Back Guarantee in most cases.

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