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Callaway Clone Golf Clubs Driver

Callaway Golf Club Clones Driver

Compares to:  Callaway® Big Bertha Titanium 454 Driver at $499.
Product Description:
Pinemeadow Excel Ti Driver and Ti Woods

Pinemeadow Excel Titanium 450 Driver

The Excel Titanium driver by Pinemeadow Golf will quickly become one of the most popular drivers. The Callaway golf clone club was designed with features to suit the needs for golfers of all different skill levels making it easier to improve distance and still maintain control. The ultra forgiving design and slick appearance make the Excel highly sought after. With the thin face Beta Titanium design and classic shape this club also offers the distance needed to stay competitive at all levels. It also employs a rear weight chip to increase the moment of inertia (MOI) to help you square the clubface at impact. For players looking for maximum forgiveness without having to sacrifice distance these are the perfect woods for you!

Price: 99$
Summary: More distance and great control, amazing error tollerance with 450cc head
Target Golfer: all Handicaps, all level of Golfer
Rating: 9/10


Callaway Golf Club Clones Irons

Compares to:  Callaway® Steel Head X-16
Product Description:
Pinemeadow Excel High Launch Irons

Pinemeadow Excel High Launch Irons

The latest improved redesign of a wide sole iron set is here replacing the older Acer series. The Excel High Launch (HL) Irons are designed for the mid to high handicapper looking to improve their game especially in those hard to hit lower irons. The larger sole and wide undercut channel enables any player to get the ball up quickly with ease with maximum forgiveness. Additionally the lower irons also gain the luxury of having higher lofts than norm in the 3 4 and 5 irons making them easier to hit.

Price: 149$
Summary: It has not been easier to hit irons
Target Golfer: all Handicaps, all level of Golfer
Rating: 9/10


Compares to:  Callaway® Big Bertha Fusion
Product Description:
  iconicon Acer XP Hollow Core
Acer XP Hollow Core
Compare to
Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Irons
3 iron thru PW


Price: 269$
Summary: Save over 1000$ compared to the original
Target Golfer: all Handicaps, all level of Golfer
Rating: 10/10   Callaway Golf Clones TOP PICK


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