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The clone concept is known in many industries like Medicine, Computers and Cars. In most cases you get the same quality but pay much less. How does this apply to Custom Discount Golf Clubs?

The top brands Callaway, Taylor Made, Nike, Ping and Titleist spend hundred millions of dollars each year to develop new innovative concepts, and materials. And... most importantly, they spend over 100 millions of dollars for marketing!

Factorydirect Custom Discount Golf Club manufacturers like Pinemeadow Golf or Giga Golf do not have big stores or expensive marketing campaigns... But they spend their money to copy the newest innovations in the golf world. And they sell their cheap Golf Clubs via the Internet, which is the perfect place for a cost efficient supplier...

What's the difference between your Titleist irons and discount Golf Iron Clones? The clubs are made from essentially the same materials and design principles, use many of the same shaft and grip suppliers (Grafalloy, Aldila) and perform similar to the name brands.

Are you a real golf nuts who is proud of having always the latest innovations from Taylor Made, Callaway, Titleist, Nike or Ping in your bag? Then you might think that Clone Golf Clubs are not for you. I was of the same opinion until I played the first time the DoubleWall Driver and forged Pinemeadow Irons. I was completely surprised how long and accurate Pinemeadow Clone Golf Clubs are. And they are custom fitted with high quality club heads, shafts and grips. You can even choose top notch shafts from Grafalloy, Aldila and True Temper I do not know how they can offer their products at such low prices.

Check out Pinemeadow's custom fitting Wizard:

Pinemeadow Golf Club Fitting Wizard

Are you a social Golfer who wants to have fun on the Golf course? Are you worrying whether you have a $500 or $99 Driver in your bag, as long as you have the same feeling and the same distance (if not longer due to optimal custom fitting)? No? Then we recommend that you go for Golf Club clones from Pinemeadows Golf or Giga Golf!

Here a little story: I played lately with a young guy in my flight who had amazing drives. You know this feeling... you think that you just hit a wonderful drive... and then another guy in your four ball drives you easily out by another 30 yards... So I couldn't resist and had a look into his bag. This guy played a Pinemeadow Power Play Select 5000 Titanium Driver - 450cc. Never heard of that name, but looked nearly the same like my Taylor Made R540 Titanium Driver. And even worse... This no name driver Golf copy was even longer than my beautiful Taylor Made! Read more from what Pinemeadow Customers say.

I researched the internet to find the best source for high quality Custom Discount Golf Clubs and identified one trustable producer of factory clubs with 100% money back guarantee and 12 months warranty:

For over 15 years Custom Discount Golf Club Manufacturer Pinemeadow Golf has built Clubs for thousands of players worldwide. They are quickly becoming one largest Golf distributors in the world. A lot of their success has to do with staying up to date with the hottest and most popular technologies in golf offering them at a low discounted price. If you haven’t taken your time to check out their site.

Pinemeadowgolf.com - Factory Direct Golf Clubs

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