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Bio-Ray Bracelet - well-being as a matter of Harmony and Balance! Learn how to get Bio-Ray bracelets directly from the manufacturer in Spain.

Bio-Ray Bracelet Gold

Do you know the secret why many top PGA Pros are wearing a Bio-Ray bracelet - also known as the Power Bracelet?

In October 1973 a chiropractor living in the island of Mallorca, noted that some of his patiens were wearing rudimentary metal bracelets. He recognised a significant impact of the therapeutical powers of some metals on the organism. The conclusion that he came to, was that effectively some metals had some kind of benefit on the human body.

After that, and looking for a viable way of applying massively the properties of those metals, he created the first therapeutical bracelet of the world, which he called BIOMAGNETIC REGULATOR.

Bio-Ray bracelets are related to Acupuncture, the signs of which Yin, negative ions, and Yang, positive ions, represent two energies: negative and positive. The bracelet helps to keep the positive and negative energies in balance and aviods bioelectrical alterations and ionic unbalances. The result: better performance on the Golf Course, balance and harmony in your Life

Bio-Ray Bracelets are produced by Bio-Ray in Spain. Everybody in Europa knows or has heard from the famous bracelets of Mallorca. A lot of Golf Professionals and Amateurs wear the biomagnetic bracelets and are very happy with their performance. Balance and harmony are key for a successful Golf Game.

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Bio-Ray Bracelet from the orginal manufcaturer in Mallorca

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