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Clone Golf Clubs are promoted as they would look and play as well as their top brand equivalents, but at a much lower price. Are Clone Golf Club really an alternative to the top Name Golf Clubs? Our Clone Golf Club Reviews will help answering this and other questions...

The Clone Concept

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The clone concept of Golf Clubs is known in many areas like Computers, Medicine (generic drugs), Car spare parts. In most cases you get the same quality but at a much lower price.

How is this possible? The top brands Callaway, Taylor Made, Titleist, Ping, Nike spend hundred millions of dollars each year to develop new innovative concepts, materials and fashion statements. And... most important, they spend over 100 millions of dollars for marketing!

Why are Clone Golf Clubs sold at such low discount prices?

The price difference is caused by very low marketing and advertising costs of Clone Golf Club manufacturer. The cost spent for the development of new products and materials is a fraction of the marketing budget which is required to promote the top brand products. 70% of the retail price of a top brand Golf Club is used for advertising and brand name development costs. This also includes sponsoring of PGA Tour Pros.

The internet is the perfect distribution channel for factory-direct Golf manufacturer. No expensive fancy retail shops and no middlemen result in much lower prices.
The most popular Clone Golf Club Providers are PinemeadowGolf, GigaGolf and GolfSmith.

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How good are Clone Golf Clubs?

Hey, that's what we want to know exactly from you. This site - Clone Golf Club Reviews - has been created to collect feedback from Golfers who play with Clone Golf Clubs.

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Clone Golf Club Review Categories

Iron Clone Golf Club Reviews

Click on the brand name to read the review

Compare to the following Top Brand Model Manufacturer
Callaway Big Bertha Iron Clones Acer XDS Wide Sole GigaGolf, PinemeadowGolf
Acer XP High Trajectory GigaGolf, PinemeadowGolf
Acer Big Wide Body GigaGolf
Callaway Hawk Eye VFT Clones Turbo Power PFD GigaGolf
Callaway Steelhead PRO X-14 Clones Acer XDS2 Professional GigaGolf
Callaway Steelhead X-14 Clones Turbo Power XL4 GigaGolf
Callaway Steelhead X-16 Clones VS 88 II GigaGolf
Acer XP GigaGolf, PinemeadowGolf
Acer XP Professional GigaGolf, PinemeadowGolf
Turbo Steel XL6 GigaGolf
Cobra SSi Oversize Clones Impex Oversize Pro GigaGolf, PinemeadowGolf
Hogan Apex Edge Pro Iron Clones Integra Micro Cavity GigaGolf
Hogan Apex Iron Clones Integra Blades GigaGolf
Nike Pro Combo Forged iron Clones Synchron Soft Steel GigaGolf, PinemeadowGolf
Nike Slingshot Clones

Turbo Power V-91 GigaGolf
Synchron Medic GigaGolf, PinemeadowGolf
Ping G2 Clones Oxygen Type-S GigaGolf, PinemeadowGolf
Ping i3 Iron Clones Tour Model Series 6 Plus Irons PinemeadowGolf
Ping i3+ iron Clones Z Tour 3 GigaGolf
Ping S59 Iron Clones Oxygen Type-R GigaGolf, PinemeadowGolf
Taylor Made RAC LT irons Clones

Turbo Power R20C GigaGolf
Power Play Select 5000 GTI Edition Irons PinemeadowGolf
Taylor Made RAC Oversize irons Power Play Select 5000 Irons PinemeadowGolf

Driver Clone Golf Club Reviews

Compare to the following Top Brand Model Manufacturer
Callaway ERC Fusion Driver Clones HRG Action GigaGolf
Acer XP Fused Ti 400 GigaGolf
Acer XP Graphite Titanium Driver PinemeadowGolf
Callaway ERC 2 Driver Clones H.R.G 2 TI GigaGolf
Ping Si3 Driver Clones Z Plus 3 Ti GigaGolf
Titleist 983K Driver Clones Oygen RST 9000 Ti GigaGolf
Callaway Great Big Bertha II Driver Clones Turbo Power Pro Ti GigaGolf
Acer XP Ti GigaGolf
VS 88 Max COR Ti GigaGolf
Taylor Made R500XD Driver Clones Power Play GTI Ti GigaGolf
Power Play Select 5000 GTI Edition PinemeadowGolf
Taylor Mader R500 Series Driver Clones HyperSonic 400 Titan GigaGolf
King Cobra SZ Driver Clones Impex Oversize 2 Plus GigaGolf
Nike Fored Ti Driver Clones Synchron Hot Forged Ti Driver PinemeadowGolf

Wedge Clone Golf Club Reviews

Compare to the following Top Brand Model Manufacturer
Cleveland 900 Form Forged Wedges Clones Pro Open Forged Bronze GigaGolf
Pro Open Forged 690 Black GigaGolf
Pro Open 690 GigaGolf
Clevelan 588 Chrome Wedge Clones Pro Open Classic GigaGolf
Ping MB Wedges Clones Tour Series 6 GigaGolf
Titleist Vokey Wedges Clones XDS Tour Carbon Steel Oil Can PinemeadowGolf

Putter Clone Golf Club Reviews

Compare to the following Top Brand Model Manufacturer
Odyssey White Hot-2-Ball Putter Clones Ecliptic Three Ball GigaGolf
Four Ball Putter PinemeadowGolf
Four Ball Blade Putter PinemeadowGolf
Taylor Made Rossa Monza Putter Clones Bionik 201 Mallet GigaGolf, PinemeadowGolf
Ping IsoPure Answer 2 Clones Soft Roll Polymer Insert GigaGolf
Titleist Scotty Cameron Studio Clones Ecliptic Blade GigaGolf
PVD Blade Style PinemeadowGolf

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