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Acer XDS Wide Sole and Acer Big Wide Body
Acer XP High Trajectory

Acer XDS Wide Sole Irons

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Acer XDS Wide Sole Irons The Acer XDS Wide Sole irons are designed specifically for forgiveness. A thickly contoured wide sole lowers the center of gravity for optimal trajectory and helps move the golf clubs through almost any type of rough. A deep undercut channel moves the weight towards the back of the head to reduce twist on mis-hits. Ultra forgiving and ultra playable... creating ultra desirable results! This club is available in custom lengths and flexes.

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Reviewer James
Date May 12, 2004
Handicap 20
Shaft Type R
Shopped at
Comment I was very sceptical when I ordered the Acer XDS Wide Sole Irons. When I opened the box I was impressed by the high quality look of the clubs. Last week I went out the first time to the course and wow the trajectory and length are amazing.
The only disadvantage: The name Callaway is not on the clubs. Will definitely recommend these clubs to my colleagues.
Rating 5

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Acer XP High Trajectory Irons The latest wide sole iron set is here. The Acer XP High Trajectory irons are designed for the mid to high handicapper looking to improve their game especially in those hard to hit long irons. The larger sole and wide undercut channel enables any player to get the ball up quickly with ease and maximum forgiveness. Additionally the lower irons you also gain the luxury of having higher lofts than norm in the 3 4 and 5 irons making them easier to hit. The sole of the Acer XP High Trajectory irons are slightly smaller than the Acer Wide Soles and slightly bigger than the Acer XP Cavity Back.
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Reviewer Ellen
Date May 15, 2004
Handicap 32
Shaft Type Lady Flex
Shopped at
Comment I play these clubs for three month and I'm very happy with them. They have a great error tolerance. My misshits are longer and straighter than with my old Wilson Irons
Rating 5
Reviewer Peter Scott
Date May 16, 2004
Handicap 25
Shaft Type Stiff
Shopped at
Comment The Acer XP High Trajectory Irons are a great choice for beginners. I start to try shaping the ball and that's quite difficult with these irons. I guess I will switch to the Impex Blades.
Rating 4