How To Use The Chip And Run Shot

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Many golfers use the "chip and run" as regular part of their game; and those who don't have at least seen others do it. The chip and run shot is very similar to a putt, but you play the shot from just off the green. Club selection is vital for this shot, just like any other; in this case, you will want to use irons.

The shot should be played with your legs close together and the golf ball in line with your back foot. The club should be held firmly in your hands ahead of the ball, which will make the shot fly flatter through the air.

You should use only your arms to play the shot--just as you would when you take a strong putt on the green.

When you are chipping uphill, make sure you carefully consider your selection because you will need a club that can keep the ball lower and help it roll up onto the green.

Conversely, when you are chipping downhill, you will need a club that can create a lot of backspin, which will stop the ball from rolling down the hill, causing you to gain strokes.

Of course, when you are around the green, keep playing the shot the same way if you haven't had trouble in the past; and remember to allow your club to do most of the work.

The chip and run will either make or break your putting position. If you get it right, you can confidently stroll up to the ball on the green, make a simple putt, and then move on to the next hole; however, if you can't get a good green lay-up, then you will be looking at a tricky putt or another chip and run shot.

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