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Callaway Golf Clones Driver

Nike Clone Golf Clubs Driver

Compares to: Nike® NDS Driver at $429
Product Description:
Synchron Revolver Titanium Driver 455cc

Synchron Revolver Titanium Driver 455cc

The Synchron model has upped the ante in 2005 with their latest driver featuring an expanded 455cc head. This driver features the same great technologies as the previous Synchron Revolver generating illegal power. The airfoil sole technology in the rear of the driver stabilizes the club head through impact resulting in more consistent contact on a regular basis. The rear internal sole weighting system also helps increase the moment of inertia providing greater forgiveness on the club face. Please note that this driver does not conform to USGA rules. What does this mean? “The United States Golf Association has compiled a list of driving clubs that do not conform to its test adopted in October of 1998 and modified in January of 2004 measuring spring-like effect. These clubs are prohibited from use in any round of golf in the United States and Mexico conducted under USGA Rules including those rounds played for posting handicaps.” – USGA Website.

Price: 99$
Summary: Illegal in the USA, due to a non-confirming core value - but that makes it really interesting. Gain up to 20 yards in distance; 455 cc head, very forgiving
Target Golfer: all Handicaps
Rating: 10/10 Nike Made Clone Golf Clubs Top Recommendation


Nike Clone Golf Clubs Irons

Compares to: Nike® NDS irons at $499
Product Description:
Synchron Revolver Irons

Synchron Revolver Irons

As you can see in the image above the Synchron Revolver irons have been designed to move the weight on the club head to the heel and toe of the club without affecting the perimeter weighting of the club. That is what differentiates these irons from the others. The weight has been pushed to the heel and toe. By doing this we have manufactured an oversize club head that is extremely forgiving to improve off center shots. A unique 3-way sole allows you to play tough shots from difficult lies and the wider soles generate higher launch angles and reduces the chance of hitting the ball fat resulting in softer landings. Overall this is a game improvement club with the look and feel of a blade.

Price: 149$
Summary: a great game improvement club with the look and feel of a professional blade. Extremely forgiving.
Target Golfer: all Handicaps
Rating: 9/10


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