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How To Improve Chipping

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When setting up for a chip shot, there are a few important things you should keep in mind to improve chippinh.

To begin with, you should always keep your feet fairlyclose together. By keeping your legs open less than onefoot, you will better distribute your weight betweenlegs.

Once you have settled into a proper stance, remember tokeep your hands ahead of the ball and make a short back stroke to allow for the follow through. Also make sureyou do not decrease the tightness of your wrists.

In addition, you should keep your legs and upper body perfectly still. Only your arms and shoulders should moveduring the chipping stroke. If you do lose the tightness in your grips and try to use it to gain some extra loft during the stroke, you will more than likely de-loft yourclub and miss, hitting the ball, but not gaining extraheight.

Some golfers see the chip shot and wonder about clubselection. Like any golf shot, it is imperative to make sure you select the correct club. You can, of course, use almost any club in the bag to chip with, but it all depends on far you want the ball to roll. If, for example,you want the ball to roll about 4 feet after it lands, youshould use the 7 iron. Each club downwards will roll anextra foot, so the 6 iron will roll 5 feet and the 5 iron 6 feet and so on.

When chipping, you will want to get the ball into the airand rolling softly onto the green to set you up for a nice putt. But who knows: maybe you wont even need to make the putt anymore; you can just chip the ball into the hole.

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