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TheCallaway Driver Review sectionwill provide you with reviews, advise and tips around the Callaway Golf Drivers.Callaway Golf Clubs are one of the most popular Golf brand in the World. Manygreat Tour Players play Callaway Golf Drivers and Irons: Annika Sorenstam,Charles Howell III, Eduard Romero and Ty Tryon.

Thelatest innovation is the Callaway ERC Fusion+ Driver. Read the Callaway DriverReview for the ERC Fusion below.


CallawayDriver Reviews

CallawayERC Fusion Driver

RevolutionaryDesign Combines High-Performance Benefits of Titanium and Composites

CallawayGolf has created a powerful chemical reaction with the introduction of the ERCFusion Driver. This driver's explosive distance is the result of FusionTechnology, which blends the best elements of titanium and carbon compositematerials into an exciting new mixture. Titanium and composite, power andprecision, technology and playability- ERC Fusion brings it all together.

TheFusion has a forged titanium cup-face and a lightweight carbon composite body.The cup-face design wraps around the face and extends into the crown, ribbon andsole areas of the head, similar to the face design of the ERC II Forged Titaniumdriver. The cup-face construction is designed to make the clubface strongerwhile variable face thickness (VFT) technology is designed to maximize COR anddistance.

CallawayGolf's unique internal weighting system accounts for approximately 25 percent ofthe clubhead mass, and is calibrated to actively influence ball flight and helpgolfers choose the ERC Fusion Driver that best suits their swing:

The 11- and 12-degree ERC Fusion Drivers have more weight positioned in the heeland have a slightly closed face angle to help higher-handicap players square theclubface at impact and reduce slice-creating sidespin.

The 8-, 9- and 10-degree ERC Fusion Drivers have internal weighting that is moreevenly spread across the perimeter of the clubhead, which works with a squareface angle to help golfers produce a straight, repeatable ball flight.

And the 7.5-, 8.5-, 9.5- and 10.5-degree ERC Fusion Drivers have more weighttoward the toe of the clubhead and slightly open face angles to help betterplayers with higher swing speeds to shape their shots as desired, whether thatbe a controlled draw or a power fade.

ERC Fusion Drivers feature Callaway Golf's new RCH System 55 graphite shaft instrong, firm, regular and light flexes. This lightweight shaft is 45 inches long,which is long enough to help produce exceptional clubhead speed while stilldelivering control and balance. For women, the new RCH System 50 graphite shaftis an inch shorter and even lighter. For golfers looking for more shaft options,ERC Fusion Drivers will also be available by special order with a number ofpopular after-market shafts factory-installed.



  • Mid-sized Driver with 360ccmClubface for all type of Golfers

  • Explosive distance, good players shouldbe able to add 15-20 yards of distance

  • The ERC Fusion Driver is a lightweightand is easy to swing.

  • Very nice design.

  • Good feedback, great workability and trajectory

  • Improvedsound compared to the doll sound of the old Callaway C4 Driver.


  • Very expensive

  • Error tolerance is justacceptable


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ERC Fusion Driver

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